Lost Touch

If you have lost touch and would like to make contact with old friends, why not put a note here? Just drop a line.

Len Bowen

Len Bowen (ex- Air Movements @ RAF Labuan & FEAF MAMS) here. If any of the ex-Bev (and FEAF [esp FEAF MAMS] Aug 1966 - Aug 68) aficionados would like to get in touch.

I would love to get back in touch with some of my MAMS Team from 67/68. I found that when getting together gen for Geoff Gladstone’s book, ‘S.O.F's. Syndrome* set in,and though I had the 35mm slides and photos in front of me I couldn‘t remember 75% of the names - even my own Team! -- Shame! Shame!

I ‘shelf life expire’ with the RAAF in Nov 99 (DOB 8 Nov 44!), and we plan to have an extended holiday back in UK in mid-2000. Would love to touch base over a pint - or three - with anyone who remembers me (I was the tall(ish) blonde bloke with glasses who always had a sun burnt nose and carried my own Browning 9mm in a leather holster balanced off by a big Puma White Hunter sheath knife). Sounds a bit ‘gung ho’, I know, but we were still being issued with .380 S&W revolvers, and 90% of our loading and lashing in the Bevs was the old 200 lb lashing tape, so a good sharp knife was essential. As a result a lot of us carried our own kit.

Anyway, any of the old gang out there? (I am already a member of the Beverley Association, so receive ‘MagDrop’ regularly) - I’m looking for the rest of the Team who remember the ‘New Nana’ Hotel in Bangkok, Mimi’s ‘Red Light All Night’ in Kuantan and the ‘Black Horse’ at round the back of the airfield at Abingdon.

* SOF's SYNDROME = “Senile Old Fart’s Syndrome” according to my wife (Penny Bowen [nee Stephenson]; with me on JATE at Abingdon in 1973-75)

Our e-mail is

Harry Burl

Harry has lost contact with the following from Aden and Bahrain; Dickey Boast (engines), Mick Pine (Radio), Trev ? (Radio), Bernie (Airframe), and all the others that served with (Yorky) Harry.

E Mail:

Brian Crank

Brian would like hear from anyone that knew him during his 12 years in the RAF(Padgate, Melksham, 543 Sqn (Valiants), Ceylon (everything that flew), 34 Sqn (Bevs) and 230 OCU (Vulcans).


David Dowling

David is looking for ground crews who serviced the Bev at Bahrain in the late 50. Ted Wright was one he remembers.

Len Eaton

I was friends with Tom and Dot Cooper, and son Melvin when based on RAF Sseletar in 1961-62. They lived, from memory, at 35 Lambeth Walk, Seletar. I was Australian army. i would really like to contact anyone who knew them in an attemp to make contact again. Im in Brisbane, Australia. Mobile 061 0400242077. E-mail:

John Farrar

John has his own website with a Beverley element. Have a look at:- The Island of Soqotra - This opens in a new window.


‘Gabby’ Haines

‘Gabby’ served with 30 squadron at Dishforth and 34 Squadron at Seletar. He would like to get in touch with old Squadron members.


Mike Hancock

Whilst my father was mainly a Hastings pilot, he did crew Beverleys on several occasions with 242 OCU at Thorney, between 1962 and 1965. Aircraft in his log book include XB290, XB265, XL148 and XL149. The last entry referencing the Beverly is when he flew to Idris via Nice in XL148 and then spent a few days doing circuits at Idris in XL149 before flying that one back to Thorney.

I would like to know the whereabouts of any former 242 OCU aircrew who might remember mum and dad - M/Plt John ‘Lofty’ Hancock and his wife Una. Although dad is now dead, mum would love to re-establish contact (I’m also looking for contacts who knew them from 53 & 99 Sqns at Lyneham, 70 Sqn Nicosia and the BCBS at Lindholm).

Tel: 01480 52151 ext 7144

Gerry Jones

Gerry (Taff) Jones was in the RAF in the 1960s and 1970s and was and LAC attached to the MAMS teams (Mobile Air Movements). He would like to get back in touch with some of his old friends notably Bill Holder.

E-mail: care of his son.

Ken Kime

Ending his service as a Wing Commander, Ken served in Singapore from 1961 to 1964 and was in Bahrain circa 196767. His favourite time was with 34 Sqn in Singapore because of the team spirit. Ken was the navigator on XB259 on its last flight into Paull. He can be contacted via his daughter Alison.


Andrew McKenzie

I served on 30 Sqn as an Airframe Fitter in the Role Equipment Section at RAF Eastleigh, Nairobi, from May 1961 to November 1963. I am still in touch with an engine fitter named Jim Terry, and would like to contact any others from that era. 589400 ex Cpl. Andrew MacKenzie (now ‘Rev’ for the past 40 years!).


Bob Olney

I was stationed at Abingdon 1956/58. I would dearly like to get in touch with Tom McMillan or MacMillan. We were both stationed at Abingdon in 1956/7, and through the station Padre Wg.Com. Stanley Harrison, confirmed at St. Helens church Abingdon Dec.1956. E-mail:

Ron Wilks

Ron worked in the design office at Brough on the Beverley in the early/mid 1950s.

“I just wondered if any of the people who worked on the design during that period are still around. My Brother Ray is also here in the Atlanta area. He headed the Performance Aerodynamics group along with our other brother Ernie who later moved into the production side at Brough on the Buccaneer. Even later, a fourth brother Geoffrey, who still lives in Anlaby, also worked on the aircraft.”

E-mail : CEO Aerotechtool

Harold (Tim) Wood

Roger Wood is the grandson of the late Harold (Tim) Wood, who was Chief Test Pilot on the Beverley. Roger would like to get in contact with anyone who knew Tim Wood.