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XM107 at Riyan

ABOVE: 84 Sqn’s XM107 at Riyan.

“I served at RAF Riyan in 1960 and occasionally we had a delivery of supplies or equipment by Beverley. Most of our visitors were from 84 Sqn at Khormaksar. Other than several trips as a passenger and refuelling several at Riyan, I had very little involvement with Beverleys during my service. However, I did take a few photos, these taken at Riyan in 1960.”


ABOVE & BELOW: XM 107 'S' of 84 Sqn taken at Riyan on the same day in 1960.
Its mission was to deliver construction equipment for use during the extension of the aircraft hard standing.


Unidentified Beverley
ABOVE: Unidentified XB.


ABOVE LEFT: XM108.      ABOVE RIGHT: XM110 loading local troops for duty in the Aden Protectorate.

Photographs & Stories