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The damaged freight bay

“The photographs on this page were taken after a bomb planted in XM110 of 84 Sqn. Beverley exploded in Bahrain. The bomb had been planted in the aircraft in Kuwait whilst the aircraft was being refuelled and it exploded after it had landed back at Bahrain.”

“It was the last aircraft to return that day and was to be given an after flight service. Luckily for we ground crew, the crew chief decided that there were enough aircraft for the next days sorties, and we could go finish for the day and work on the aircraft the next morning. The bomb went off as we were several hundred meters away. The aircraft was written-off.”

LEFT: Damage inside the Freight Bay.

Damage to the fuselage

ABOVE: Damage to the starboard fuselage.

Damage to the fuselage

ABOVE: Damage to the fuselage from the inside.

Photographs & Stories