Photographs & Stories - Alan Eaton

XM106 in flight

ABOVE : XM106 which was blown up by a landmine at Habilayne on 21st June 1967.

Alan EatonThe view from the aircraftLEFT: Alan Eaton

RIGHT: The view on the way.

“I was in the Pay Corps attached to the Queen’s Surreys and the companies for which I was responsible were stationed on the Yemen border at a place called Mukeiras which had a very short gravel strip. The RAF flew me up country for a pay parade each fortnight with the supplies mainly between Khormaksar and Mukeiras.”

The cloud of dust caused by a Beverley landingXM109

ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT: A familiar sight in the middle east. In the centre of the cloud of dust is just seen the Beverley which caused it, XM109.

Beverleys and a Hawker HunterA Hunter flying over a Beverley

ABOVE LEFT: Beverleys, unknown and XM106, and a Hawker Hunter.   ABOVE  RIGHT: A Hunter over XM106.

Dakota and Beverleys parked upTwin Pioneer

ABOVE LEFT: A DC3 of Aden Airways, XM110, XH119 and XM106.    ABOVE RIGHT: Twin Pioneer taking off.

Beverley with clamshell doors openA Mobat

ABOVE LEFT: loaded Beverley.    ABOVE RIGHT: A 120mm WOMBAT (Weapon Of Magnesium, Battalion, Anti-Tank).

The WOMBAT in its pitA Land Rover and soldiers

ABOVE LEFT: The WOMBAT.    ABOVE RIGHT: An air-conditioned Land Rover with a typical crowd of ‘poseurs’.

Photographs & Stories